Starter …

Green Salad    :    7.00chf

Mixed Salad    :    10.00chf

Marrow bone, different salts    :    17.50chf

Local cheese plate    :    18.00chf

Plate of cold cuts    :    21.50chf

Snacked scallops, leek fondue, Limoncello deglaze    :    21.00chf


Main course …

Röstis homemade with ham on the bone, mustard    :    25.50chf

Röstis homemade with mushroom sauce    :    24.50chf

Röstis homemade with cheese of Mont-Soleil, 2 fried eggs    :    25.00chf

Asparagus risotto    :    24.50chf

Cheese Tête de Moine Fondue «Spielhofer»    :    25.00chf

Puff pastry of salmon with asparagus and its sauce, market vegetables, timbal of rice    :    34.00chf

Meunière style perch fillets, homemade french fries, tartar sauce    :    32.00chf

Pork chop, homemade sauce, homemade rösti    :    26.00

Chicken roll stuffed wth chard, sage and grapes with its sauce, market vegetables, garnish of the day    :    28.00chf

Sliced veal Zurich style, homemade rösti    :     37.00chf

Beef tartare Assessor (dried tomato, olive), toast, butter, homemade fries    :    35.00chf

Entrecôte beef, market vegetables, garnish of the day   :    39.00chf

Beef rossini (beef filet and pan-fried foie gras), market vegetables, garnish of the day    :    49.00chf

Extra :

  • Morel sauce    :    10chf
  • Mushroom sauce    :    7chf
  • Prego sauce (Guinness beer reduction, candied lemon, candied mango)    :    7chf
  • Café de Paris    :    5.50chf


Kids' corner …

French fries    :    7.00chf

Chicken nugget with French fries    :    12.00chf

Ground beef steak with French frites    :    16.00chf


Dessert ...

Crème brulée    :    12chf

Tarte tatin of appel with or without an ice cream scoop    :    12.00 / 10.00chf

Tiramisu    :    12chf

Yodler - Meringue, double cream, kirsch (per piece)    :    4.50chf


Beef, pork, cold cuts and cheeses come from the region